Tibetian mastiff is primary breed which means it is unadulterated, it hasn’t been changed by humans. Breed is classified as molossian, mountain type. They come from the Central Asia and they were raised in order to watch and take care of herds. Nowadays they mainly serve for exhibitions, watch or fellowship.

Since 7 century naming of the breed have been changing a lot. Before it was called for example as: Zang-Khyi (noble dog, amazing), nag-Khyi (watch dog) but most common were Do-Khyi, Sgo-Khyi or Go-Khyi.

Typical feature of them is that they have odourless and hypoalergic fur which is easy to take care of. They require systematic combing only during moulting which happens in late spring. Mastiffs grow up for a long time, dogs reaches maturity after 2-3 years and bitches after 3-4 years.

Tibetian Mastiffs have highly developed instinct to guard, they will protect their owner on his field but beyond it they won’t react on strangers but still they will stay watchful. It’s common for them to sleep during the day and to be indifferent. However in case of threat they can react fast and inform their owner.

Mastiff loves long walks, rather on a leash because our breed is not really obedient. It has really active temperament and tends to dominate, dogs already as a puppies try to take over the pack. It is important to be decisive and determined since the beginning.

Breed has wide, heavy and strong head. Neck is very muscular, covered with thick and protruding fur. Tail has average length. Embedded on a highest point of keel, pointed high, lightly curved over the back and hairy. Dogs can reach around 70kg, bitches around 50kg.

Tibetians are very inquisitive, they like to check what is going on at home. Sometimes they go for a walk to Your neighbor. Snow and low temperatures are easily handled by them and during summer they tend to lay on the sun or rest in shadows.

Bitches have heat once a year in autumn. Litter usually count 6 puppies.



Created by Tomasz Adamczak